Overview image of people cooking outside while camping under dim light

Camp kitchen and hydration

Bring the sizzle with our latest stoves, lightest cooksets and tastiest freeze-dried lasagna.

Everything tastes better outside

After a long day of exploring trails or perfecting your canoe paddling technique, you’ve probably worked up an appetite. Whether you’re a minimalist backpacker or a no-holds-barred camp chef, MEC has everything you need to whip up a feast worthy of your surroundings.

Rugged coolers keep food frozen for days and double as a seat. Camp stoves range from pocket-sized to multi-burner, so you can find the right match for your trip plans. Camping meals keep your pack weight low (so you can bring more chocolate). If you need a little menu inspiration, check out our meal planning tips.

And once you’ve flexed your camp cooking muscles, it’s only fair that someone else does the dishes.

Treating water while camping

If you’re staying in a campground with potable water, all you’ll need is a water bottle to fill up at the nearest tap. But in the backcountry, it’s crucial to treat your water to ensure it’s safe to drink – no matter how clear the lake or stream looks.

Gravity water filters are ideal for groups – they deliver multiple litres of clean water in just a few minutes. Inline and pump filters are more compact and lighter, but can take a little more effort. Chemical treatments are the smallest, lightest option if you don’t mind waiting a bit before taking a sip. UV light purifiers are nearly instant, but require batteries or recharging. Learn more about water treatment options.