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Camping flasks and shot glasses

Good times outside? We’ll drink to that

If you plan on bringing some spirits out on your next frontcountry camping trip to enjoy around the fire, a few camping flasks or shot glasses might come in handy for imbibing in smaller volumes. Here, you’ll find lighter drinkware to put the cherry on top of any camp kitchen setup.

Flask up

More rugged than their at-home counterparts, camping flasks can withstand all the bumps and bruises that come with being in the bush without letting any of your precious libations leak out. They’re often made with a grippy outer bumper to reduce the likelihood of droppage. A clear construction lets you see exactly how much you have left to drink. Pick up a camping flask from tried-and-true camp cookware brands like GSI and let the good times flow.

Give it your best shot

Shot glasses. They’re light, simple, stackable, and they serve a purpose. What’s not to like? Snag a few for the next time there’s cause to celebrate with your campmates in the great outdoors. Remember to keep your water bottle topped up and at your side to stay hydrated while you’re out having fun, and as always, drink responsibly.