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Camping wine glasses and wine storage

From fridge to frontcountry

There’s always a reason to celebrate when you’re spending time outside and in good company, so why not take some vino with you on your next adventure? It turns out that’s not such a unique idea, but that isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it means we’ve got purpose-made wine tumblers, glasses and bottles to help you keep wine temperature-controlled so you can relax and imbibe on your own time.

Swirl and sip away

Transporting wine outside of your kitchen can be tough. Serving temperatures can vary pretty significantly between wines, and you run the risk of certain types of containers impacting the delicate taste of your chosen vintage. Investing in a double-wall insulated wine bottle and a few wine glasses or tumblers from brands like YETI and Hydro Flask will keep your wine just the way you like it.

It’s wine time

Whether you’re pouring a crisp, fruity Riesling on a sunny day or a luxurious Merlot for an evening meal at the campsite, we’ve got gear to make transporting your wines a whole lot simpler. If you need to get your wine pairings in order, check out our guide to backpacking food and meal planning before you venture out. Finally, it needs to be said — please enjoy responsibly.