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Lunch boxes and lunch bags

Lunch boxes and lunch bags to be prepared for snack time

When it’s time to pack for a long day at school or on the trail, a lunch box or lunch bag will keep all those goodies intact for when it’s time to chow down.

The first and most important goal of a lunch box or lunch bag is to ensure that when you open it up, your food is in the same shape it was when it got packed that morning. Structure and padding are the first lines of defense. Even if the lunch bag spends all morning at the bottom of a school bag, these features will protect your ham and cheese from being completely flattened when you reach for it.

Similarly, insulating features in lunch bags and lunch boxes are focused on keeping your lunch cool. Add an ice pack in the morning and keep everything comfortably chilled – after all, a lukewarm yogurt cup just doesn’t stand up to a cold one. For those especially hot summer days, a vacuum bottle will keep your drinks just as cool as your lunch.

With more features to look out for like interior organization and built-in handles, your lunch will be ready to eat no matter what the day throws at you.