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Flasks, growlers and wine storage

Gear for convenient storing and sipping

If you’re prepping to unwind after a long day on the trail or to sip over dinner with pals at the cabin, it’s good to have a reliable and leakproof way of bringing your beverages outside. Here you’ll find just that — accessories to insulate, carry and consume your libations.

Is portability a priority? Use a flask

When you’re transporting small volumes, fill up a flask to keep on your person. For camping and hiking trips, flasks from outdoor brands like GSI tend to be more rugged than your standard flask. Things like a grippy silicone detailing and shatter-resistant construction will help keep your liquids where they belong.

Grab yourself a growler

For canned drinks, growlers and beer glasses are an easy, no-fuss choice. An enameled or stainless-steel set of cups is nice to have for water and other bevvies, and an insulated growler will keep your favourite local brews cool and uncompromised.

Wine storage for savvy sommeliers

Wine storage and wine glasses will keep your vino at optimal serving temp from store-to-pour. Double-wall insulated tumblers and bottles from Hydro Flask and Yeti are a great size to bring along to the campsite, but they’re durable enough to keep your drinks as hot or cold as you need them to be.

If you’re expecting company in the frontcountry, we suggest picking up a camping cooler to store enough drinks to go around. Otherwise, find the right drinkware for your next outdoor expedition and enjoy responsibly.