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Sports water bottles

Sports bottles to keep you hydrated

Whether you’re headed into the woods to relax or you’ve got some serious activities planned, staying hydrated is vital. A sports bottle is ideal for when you’re hitting the trail – on foot or on your bike – so you can stay comfortable and energized while you’re out.

When you’re picking a sports bottle, the biggest choice you’ll have to make is what kind of material you want. Metal sports bottles are often insulated, keeping your drink cold through long hikes. They’re heavy, though, so if you’re looking to keep things lightweight, they might not be the best option for your loadout.

Plastic sports bottles are lightweight and squeezable. Some also offer insulation like metal bottles, so if you anticipate being out for a long time and don’t want to be drinking lukewarm water by the end of the day, they’re a great option to consider.

For a more serious hydration option – especially for cyclists – check out hydration packs that won’t keep your hands busy. And for something more casual when you’re just hanging out at the campsite or the beach, we’ve got plenty of other water bottles to choose from.