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Water jugs, water containers and water cubes

Camping water jugs to keep your cups and bottles topped up

Why keep the quintessential experience of chatting by the water cooler confined to the office? Camping water jugs are great to have on hand at your campsite to keep everybody happy and hydrated. They cut down on the trips you need to take to fetch drinking water, so they’re saving time and adding a little more convenience to your trip, as well.

Camping jugs come in a variety of size options depending on your needs and preferences. Options range from 4L to over 20L. A smaller water jug is great for one person or easy transport, while higher capacity options will keep you and your family set for a few days at a time. Use them to make your coffee in the morning, fill your water bottle before an afternoon hike or to grab a glass of water before bed.

Depending on what kind of camping you’re doing, you might want a water jug that packs down small. Keep an eye out for collapsible options that won’t take up too much space in your pack. If you’re less worried about conserving space, hard-sided jugs are sturdy and durable, even with a bit of rough treatment.