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Camping cots

Camping cots to add a bit of luxury to your sleep

Sometimes, when you’ve been in the thick of the bush for a few days, there’s nothing you want more than the comfort of your own bed. A mattress might be a bit heavy for your pack, but a camping cot will get you one step closer to the feeling of sleeping in a real bed.

Where a sleeping pad offers a minimalist option for those looking to prioritize packing light, a camping cot makes up for the extra grams by putting more space between you and the cold, damp ground. Cots with legs offer the bonus of giving you more storage space in your tent with the freedom to tuck your pack under your cot when you don’t need it. Lightweight inflatable models, on the other hand, get rid of the bulk of cot legs in exchange for comfort more akin to an air mattress.

When choosing a camping cot, consider things like how it’ll impact your packing choices. Are you driving straight to your campsite, or will you be backpacking your way there? Lightweight frames and storage bags that keep things tidy will make transporting your cot a breeze, no matter how you get to your destination.

For even more homey comfort, look for accessories that raise your cot even higher off the ground. Pair with a cozy sleeping bag and camping pillow for an extra comfortable bed-away-from-bed experience.