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Compression bags and stuff sacks for compact travel

There’s one problem with staying cozy and comfortable when you’re camping: all of your favourite camping pillows, sleeping bags and camping blankets are bulky. It’s how they keep you warm, so don’t hold it against them. But when you’ve got limited packing space and want to make the most of it, picking up a compression bag or stuff sack will make a huge difference with those puffy essentials.

Compression bags and stuff sacks are great for soft goods that can squish down when you want them to take up less space. It’s like cramming your sweater way at the bottom of your backpack, but without the hassle (or the dirt and crumbs you’ll find in it later). Pillows, sleeping bags, clothes and more can be compressed to a smaller package so you’ve got space left in your pack for other essentials.

Bags with drawstring closures allow for flexibility in how much you can store. Other models include compression straps to really crank down on how much space you’re taking up. And for rainy trips, keep an eye open for waterproof options to keep your gear dry.