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About closed-cell foam sleeping pads

Just like other sleeping pads, closed-cell foam sleeping pads provide insulation and cushioning while sleeping in the great outdoors. Constructed from lightweight and durable dense foam materials, these sleeping pads work with your sleeping bag to keep you shielded from the cold hard ground.

Closed-cell foam sleeping pads are unique because they trap air in their cells, creating a barrier between your body and the ground. This prevents heat loss to the ground during the night, a key way of protecting yourself while camping in the colder months.

With a lightweight design, closed-cell foam sleeping pads are easy to carry and can be rolled up small to fit inside a multi-day pack or attach to the outside, ideal for backpackers and expeditioners.

Closed-cell foam sleeping pads vs other sleeping pads

In comparison to self-inflating sleeping pads and inflatable sleeping pads, closed-cell foam sleeping pads excel in insulation and packability, not to mention they’re super easy to set up as they don’t require any inflation (also making them resistant to punctures and tears).

However, it’s been said that self-inflating and inflatable sleeping pads excel in comfiness as you can adjust the firmness and cushioning, whereas closed-cell foam sleeping pads are firmer. To check out all that closed cell foam sleeping pads have to offer, shop closed-cell foam sleeping pads from Big Agnes, Nemo and Therm-a-Rest.