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Self inflating sleeping pads

Sleeping pads for nights out

For when roughing it is overrated (or if you’ve roughed it enough for one day) rolling out your sleeping kit should be simple. Self-inflating sleeping pads do most of the work on their own, so you don’t have to lose your breath and can spend your time around the campfire instead.

Self-inflating sleeping pads put a bit of insulation between you and the ground. They’re great for car camping or backpackers who want to be comfortable but don’t want to spend too much.

Shapes and features

Many sleeping pads are shaped in a traditional mummy style, wider in the shoulders with a gradual taper down through the waist. Women’s-specific sleeping pads are generally designed to be slightly shorter in length and may also have more insulation in the core.

Camping as a couple or want to cuddle together for warmth? Double sleeping pads are great for shared sleeping space (or if you just want more room to snooze).

Looking for other options? Check out our assortment of cushy, lightweight inflatable sleeping pads or simple, durable closed-cell foam sleeping pads you can roll out in a snap.