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Buckles and accessories

Buckle up, literally

Even if you’ve been doing your best to take immaculate care of all your favourite gear, accidents can happen. In fact, we expect them to. After all, what’s an adventure without getting your hands dirty? When they do, come here to find everything you need to replace those broken buckles, hooks, clips, D-rings, zippers, tension locks… you get the picture.

Give your gear some TLC

You’ve got your pick of the bunch in terms of buckles and fasteners, but you might need a little guidance to help you along once you’ve got the replacement parts you need. Luckily, we’ve got an entire page on our site dedicated to product care and maintenance guides for the intrepid camper.

These range from a comprehensive tent repair and care guides to step-by-step instructions on fixing zippers, washing sleeping bags and repairing waterproof clothing. They’re chock-full of expert advice compiled by MEC staffers, so read through ‘em, take a few notes and soon enough you’ll be your campsite’s resident DIY expert.

And while you’re here, check out our other wash, repair and maintenance supplies to build out an ultimate wilderness preparedness kit. If Murphy’s law decides to take effect on your next hiking trip, you’ll be ready.