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Climbing pulleys

Sturdy climbing pulleys for big wall missions and alpine expeditions

If you’re out on a multi-day big wall ascent or hauling heavy loads up an alpine route, a climbing pulley is a crucial part of your kit. There are different types of pulleys to choose from based on your needs, and they’re useful for setting up a variety of haul systems in scenarios like a simul climb or crevasse rescue.

Some common types are standard simple pulleys, as well as progress capture pulleys which use a spring-loaded cam to grab onto a length of climbing rope. These effectively save or “capture” your progress as you pull, which allows the rope to move in only one direction. They’ve got great hauling efficiency, with several varieties designed for anything from crevasse rescue and self-rescue to simul climbing and haul system rigging. Many progress capture pulleys can also work as a simple pulley, so you get two options in a single device.

When choosing a climbing pulley, make sure to check for compatibility with your chosen ropes, carabiners and other attachments. It’s also important to follow all safety guidelines recommended by the manufacturer. Once you’ve planned out your setup, you can check out some reliable picks from brands like Petzl, Edelrid, and Camp.