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Sending lines safely

If you’re sport climbing savvy, you’ll know that one of the key pieces of safety equipment to have in your kit is a reliable set of quickdraws. We’ve got trusty options from brands like Petzl, Edelrid and Black Diamond to round out your climbing toolkit and keep you secure at the crag.

Quickdraws 101

Made up of two carabiners connected by a central length of sewn webbing, a quickdraw will connect you to your anchor point of choice on the wall, whether that’s a bolt or (less commonly) a cam. Clipping your rope into a quickdraw will keep you protected against a fall when you’re lead climbing, so you can tackle those ambitious ascents as safely as possible. Quickdraws are available at a few different weights and price points, so shop around for options that work well in your kit.

Climb on

Need a little climbing guidance? No worries — we can show you the ropes. Our rock climbing and bouldering tips cover topics like rock climbing gear and how to start climbing to give you a jumping off point if you’re just starting out. But none of the advice we give is a substitute for professional safety training, so check out your local climbing gym and take some classes to learn more.