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Two images, one of a guy using a hangboard to train indoors, the other image of a guy climbing outdoors on rock

Hangboards & Training Gear

Ready your tendons, train for power and build contact strength for the season ahead.

Hang in there

Getting serious about strength training off the wall? If so, you’re in the right spot. The best way to get better at climbing is, as you might have guessed, to do a lot of it, but using hangboards and other training equipment when you’re away from the gym or crag can help to improve your performance on the wall. Here, you’ll learn more about the benefits of hangboarding and how you can implement one into your at-home training regimen.

Stay smart, stay sendy

A hangboard (also called a fingerboard) is a conditioning tool you can use to improve both finger and general forearm strength for climbing. Good form is super important to avoid hurting yourself when you’re hangboarding, so you should have some climbing experience under your belt before you hit the board. When done right, fingerboarding can also be great for injury prevention — putting a little stress on your fingers in a controlled environment (rather than on the wall) can help you prepare for the real thing.

Tips, tricks & other tools

Other training gear like forearm trainers, finger tape and repair creams can help you to perform your best when you’re attempting your next project. If you’re feeling stuck, slip off your climbing shoes and peruse our rock climbing and bouldering tips until you’re ready to go.