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Vests to keep your core comfy

When the weather isn’t quite cold enough for a jacket but isn’t quite warm enough to go without, a vest offers the best of both worlds. Designed to keep your core warm while leaving your arms free, a vest can make a huge difference on chilly mornings in autumn or spring. During the winter months, they’re also a fantastic layering option, meaning you can get use out of your vest through most of the year.

Vests come in a variety of weights and materials so you can pick just the right one for your needs. A puffy vest, either with synthetic or down filling, is a great option when you want to stay cozy. Down vests, especially, pack down small for those cold mornings followed by warm, sunny afternoons. Fleece is another excellent material when you’re looking to stay warm, with the added benefit of sitting flatter against your body than a puffy option.

When you’re picking out a vest, you can also consider differences like whether they zip or button closed and what kinds of pockets they have. When you’re planning your outfit, make sure to check out options like long sleeved shirts, fleece, hoodies and sweaters, and even base layer tops to wear under your vest for maximum comfort. Looking for a little extra protection from the elements? Layer a wind jacket or rain jacket over your vest to be prepared for any conditions.