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Bike locks for cycle commuting

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Choosing the right bike lock

There’s no worse feeling than having something stolen, especially your bike! Whether it's new, old, fast, or slow, no one likes seeing their precious bike go. To prevent bike theft, buying a quality bike lock will help you gain peace of mind while you have a pit stop during your commute.

Bike locks come in many different forms, including cable locks, foldable locks and u-locks. The manufacturer gives each version of locks a different security level label. The higher rating of the lock means it's made with materials that will be harder to cut, pick, and angle grind. The rule of thumb is to get a lock that costs a third of your bike but following that rule could lead you into a situation where the lock does not supply enough security.

Checking if the manufacturer for the lock supplies insurance is important when you are shopping for a lock. If the worst should happen, at least the manufacturer covers your loss.

Knowing how to lock your bike properly is very important because a smart bike thief could work around your chosen lock. Reading this guide on how to lock your bike will give you more information that can help you keep your bike safe.