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Bike stems

Choosing the right stem

Want to switch up your bike's feel? Swapping the stem can transform your riding position for different styles. Stems come in various sizes, angles, and lengths, each affecting your ride. Different bike stems can give you better aerodynamics for speed or a comfy upright position for long tours.

When shopping for bike stems, understand how they impact your ride. Short stems (60-80mm) offer sharp handling, great for aggressive mountain biking. Medium stems (90-100mm) balance stability and agility, the most common choice. Long stems (110mm+) extend reach for an aerodynamic road racing position.

Angles matter too. Zero-degree stems mean aggressive, wind-cutting rides. A 6-degree stem tilts slightly up, balancing speed and comfort. Mountain bikers love 7-8-degree stems for a relaxed, upright posture. Need comfort? 10-15 degree stems keep you cruising upright, ideal for cruisers and commuter bikes.

Lastly, the stems size must match the clamp size of your handlebars. The average diameter size for handlebars is commonly 26 mm,31.8mm or 35mm.

Still unsure what stem to go with? Visit your local MEC bike shop. Our advisors can help you with function and installation questions.