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    Put pedal to the metal

    Propel yourself to new horizons with a fresh set of bike pedals. Your pedals can either be flat or clipless. Flat pedals are more versatile and user friendly, and you don’t need to buy any cycling footwear to get yourself going. If you wanted to add a bit more retention to your flat pedals, you could also attach toe clips or straps which give you more power transfer and a consistent cadence.

    If you choose to get clipless pedals, you will need special cycling footwear that matches the cleats needed for your pedals. There are many advantages of using clipless pedals such as higher power transfer, pedal retention, and faster speeds. With clipless pedals, you can choose a 2-hole clipless pedal also known as the mountain bike system or the 3-hole clipless pedal, which are commonly known as road cycling pedals. The difference between the two is the power transfer you can achieve, and the cleat that is required. Whichever clipless pedal you decide to use, just ensure your cycling footwear matches the cleat needed for the pedal.

    Choosing the right pedal for your bike requires a lot of thought, things to consider are the style of riding you do, your comfort level, and the speeds you want to hit. Speaking with an advisor either over the phone or in person can help you find the right pedals for your ride.