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    Choosing the right bike helmet

    A helmet is the most important accessory for a cyclist, whether you are a weekend warrior or an everyday commuter. Wearing a helmet helps reduce your chance of brain injury.

    Choosing the right helmet is not rocket science, it's simple. Knowing what you want out of a helmet is the first step. The characteristics that make up a helmet are the safety rating, weight, aerodynamics, breathability, and aesthetics.

    Every helmet focuses on one main characteristic and builds around the other elements. Each discipline of cycling has its own unique build.

    Road cycling helmets usually come with an aerodynamic, well vented mold that’s light in weight. This style of helmet works best for riders whose goals are to achieve high speeds.

    Mountain bike helmets will be equipped with a visor, and hard-shelled body that focuses on protection. These helmets will work best for riders who are hitting gnarly trails and need that extra protection for confidence.

    Commuter urban cycling helmets are built around comfort and aesthetics. If you are a rider who prioritizes arriving in style, then look no further.

    If you would like to read deeper into finding the right helmet for your style of biking, our cycling helmet guide can help.