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Car bike racks

Bike racks for your vehicle

Save storage space with a bike rack for your car. Whether you’re planning a car-assisted bike packing trip, taking your bike camping, or driving to a new town to discover unridden trails, a bike rack will help you organize your bikes with efficiency.

Car bike racks enhance 4 main elements:

  • Convenience: Car bike racks give you an easier way to transport your bike without having to dissemble any parts.
  • Accessibility: You can easily load or unload your bike without having to move anything around
  • Flexibility: You can discover more places when you can drive out to new locations, routes, and trails or any dream cycling destination.
  • Storage: Bike racks help reduce clutter inside the vehicle. Having external storage makes traveling a lot easier and more comfortable. In addition, bike racks hold a bike capacity ranging from 2 to 4 bikes which is great for riding bikes with the family.

Before buying a bike rack for your car, check for compatibility with your bike frame and vehicle. Car bike racks are compatible with all types of bikes but not all types of frames, especially ones made with carbon fibre. To avoid confusion or any damage to your bikes consult a MEC advisor for assistance.