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Bike tire pressure gauges

Handle the pressure

Get your pressure just right with a tire gauge. Before you head out for your daily ride it’s always important to check the pressure (PSI) of your tires. Having a tire pressure gauge can help prevent many roadblocks such as:

  • Pinch flats: A properly inflated tire has a lower chance of getting punctured by road debris
  • Overinflation: A tire that is overinflated can result in a rougher ride, reduced traction, and can damage the tread of the tire
  • Underinflation: Just as overinflation is a concern, an underinflated tire causes increased rolling resistance, reduced handling and braking performance
  • Tire damage: A tire gauge can help you figure out the pressure of your tires which could let you know if you have a slow leak in your tube, that is caused by a puncture in your tire

Before buying a pressure gauge make sure it’s compatible with your tube valve that is either Presta or Schraeder. If you are unsure, visit or call your local MEC store and we can help you out.