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The purpose of a push bike / balance bike

Nothing is more exciting than your first bike: the joy of being able to go anywhere you want, faster and easier than before with a huge smile on your face is unmatched. The best way to keep a smile on your face is to learn how to ride with confidence and nothing is better for that than a push/balance bike.

Push bikes come without pedals to help kids build their bike skills step by step without overwhelming them too early. When kids learn how to ride a bike through a push bike, they develop balance, control and confidence while riding at an early age which helps them adapt to pedals as they age.

Even though push bikes / balance bikes come without pedals, once kids are ready for the next step a pedal can be installed, so you don’t have to buy another bike. Push bikes / balance bikes range from 12” to 14”. Sizing kids on both size tires before purchasing is always a good tip.

Teaching kids' proper road safety is important to their development with bike riding, if you are new to this sport reading this helpful guide will help you prepare for biking with kids.