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Bike pannier racks

Pannier racks

Take the load off your back with the addition of a pannier rack. A bike rack not only simplifies carrying your cargo on your bike but also opens a world of possibilities. Picture this: you effortlessly pack your pannier, attach it to the rack, and voila. Your bike transforms into a versatile utility companion. Imagine the convenience of bikepacking, running errands, and daily commuting, all made seamless with a trusty bike rack.

When selecting the perfect rack for your commuter or touring bike, compatibility is key. Consider important factors such as tire clearance requirements and the necessary dropouts for attaching the rack. Thankfully, bike racks often come with all the necessary nuts and bolts; all you need is an Allan key set to complete the job with ease.

Once your pannier rack is firmly in place, a whole new realm of possibilities unfolds. You can effortlessly install a basket for added convenience, securely lock your u-lock to the rack, or effortlessly strap your tent and sleeping bag, preparing you for your next exciting adventure. And fear not, if you need guidance on installation or need help in selecting the ideal bike pannier rack, simply swing by your local MEC bike shop. Our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to cater to all your needs.