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Alternative and replacement lenses

Replacement lenses to maintain and upgrade your sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes while you’re cycling or doing other things outside, but sometimes they need a little something extra to get the job done. Replacement lenses are great to keep on hand in a pinch or to pick up when you need to get the most out the life of your sunglasses.

There are two main uses for replacement lenses. The first is simple: to replace lenses that aren’t working anymore. Whether your lenses have been scratched up after being dropped one too many times or if they were accidentally left on a chair and sat on, picking up a pair of replacement lenses is a great option if you don’t want to get a whole new pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to grab straps, cleaning supplies and cases for your sunglasses to help extend that life even further.

Secondly, replacement lenses allow you to customize how your sunglasses serve you. Different lenses can respond to a variety of light conditions in unique ways, so having a selection on hand to make sure you’re always prepared is ideal. Tinted lenses that can be swapped out or layered on top of your sunglasses can help you see more clearly in whatever light and weather conditions you’re riding in.