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Bike trainers and smart stationary bikes

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    Bike trainers and smart stationary bikes for off-season cycling

    Don’t let less than ideal weather put your training on pause. Bike trainers and smart stationary bikes keep your legs pumping no matter the season.

    How to choose a bike trainer

    Different from the classic stationary bike, bike trainers are smaller and attach to the back of your bike, letting you pedal away without taking off. Trainers attach to the rear wheel (called a wheel-on trainer) or pop off your back wheel and attach directly to your bike's drivetrain (known as a direct-drive bike trainer).

    Sweet features like adjusting incline to mimic the feeling of bagging a peak and road surface simulation will help tide you over till next year’s season kicks off.

    Need indoor biking tips or not sure which type of trainer is best for you? Read our guide on how to choose an indoor bike trainer and then cruise back over here to browse models from brands like Wahoo and Elite.

    Stationary bikes

    If you’re looking for a realistic riding feel without a road bike or mountain bike, stationary bikes come ready for you to hop on and get moving. Smart stationary bikes are packed with high-tech features like visual courses taking you through the streets of Paris or the mountains of Peru. Bluetooth technology lets you access training apps like Zwift for personalized feedback to improve training efficiency and race against friends.

    To power your training year-round, stock up on cycling snacks and drink mixes for pre-cycle energy and post-cycle recovery.