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Camera and radio cases

Camera and radio cases for rugged protection on the go

Packing up for a scenic hike or a backcountry trek? When you’ve got expensive equipment to bring along, it’s best to come prepared with the coverage you need to keep it safe. Camera and radio cases are a great option to make sure your gear goes home in the same condition it was in when you left.

Camera and radio cases are built to stand up to rough treatment. The outside shell resists dents, cracks and corrosion to keep the contents safe. The inside is lined with protective foam – keep an eye out for models with perforated foam pieces that let you customize the interior fit. Shaping the padding around individual pieces of equipment stops them from bumping into each other while you move.

Taking your gear out on the water? Keep an eye out for watertight cases – some will even float in saltwater so you can safely retrieve your gear without going for a swim. For more options in that vein, check out hard waterproof cases or dry bags and waterproof storage.