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Phone cases

Keep your cell safe and dry on any adventure

It’s never a bad idea to bring your phone along with you on journeys outside your door. Your cell phone can keep you safe (you should also carry a satellite communicator for emergencies though), act as a flashlight in a pinch and snap photos of any pretty scenery you come across.

To mitigate the risk of your phone getting dinged on the wall of a multi-pitch route or irretrievably dunked when you’re kayaking downriver, pick up a sturdy phone case. Something tells us you’ll be grateful you did.

Waterproof cases for splish-splashing around

If you’re big on kayaking, canoeing, sailing or just spending days by the lake, a waterproof phone case can be a lifesaver. There are slimmer options for when your phone is on your person, and bulky cases to stow on your boat for safekeeping. Slip your phone into one of these flexy, dry bag-like phone pouches or a hard-shell phone case to seal it away from the elements.

Hardy protection for all your devices

Chances are, you’ll be bringing along more devices than just your phone. Luckily many of these phone cases are compatible with other crucial devices including GPS navigators and satellite communicators, so you’ll never be left without your important tech gear in an emergency.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and get on outside — just make sure to keep tabs on it.