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Slippers and booties

Slippers and booties to keep the heat in

Slippers and booties are a wardrobe staple for any rest day. They’re great for relieving your feet from time spent in hefty ski boots or hiking shoes, and versatile enough to take you from the couch to the campsite. Whether you need slippers for stomping around the cabin in, booties that lock in heat after a day on the ice, or just some kind of barrier between you and your chilly kitchen tile, there’s options for all of the above.

So, what makes a good slipper? For starters, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of insulation you’re going to need. Synthetic, down, and wool are just a few types of materials responsible for keeping your feet toasty and warm.

Glerups are made of double-layered felted wool and have leather soles so you can stay steady on your feet indoors. If you’re thinking about a more outdoor-friendly pair, MEC insulated slippers and booties have both synthetic and down options. They’ve got ankle drawcords to seal in heat, and TPU anti-slip soles to prevent you from biffing it while you’re pitching the tent.

Now that you’re slipper savvy, explore our options to find your feet some new cozy companions.