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    Choosing the right pair of hiking socks for your adventure

    You’ve picked up the perfect pair of hiking boots or hiking shoes, now what? The right pair of hiking socks elevates your hiking experience and boosts your comfort on the trail. To find the ideal pair to match your brand-new boots or well-loved hiking shoes, consider fabric type, cushion and height.

    Backpacking through mountains in freezing temps? A pair of Merino wool blend backpacking socks with full cushion fits the occasion. If a day trip to hike sunny trails on even terrain is more your thing, a pair of light cushion Merino or synthetic blend day hiking socks is the way to go.

    When choosing cushion and fabric type, consider what you experience most on a hike – think warmth and comfort, breathability and the amount of impact. Higher-impact activities like backpacking will need more cushion, while a light cushion works for a light hike.

    Choosing a wool blend or synthetic blend is up to your preference but there are some key differences. Wool blends are typically a bit comfier and more breathable, but a synthetic blend will be lighter and dry faster.

    Before you head out to the trail, browse Merino blend socks from brands like Smartwool and Darn Tough, and synthetic blends from brands like Wrightsock to find the pair that checks off every box.