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Toddler and child rashguards and sunguards

Skin protection for kids

We all enjoy time in the sun, but the elements can be especially tough on young skin. Protect your little ones with a rashguard or sunguard when you’re playing at the beach, lake or water park.

For surf and sun

MEC carries toddler and child rashguards and sunguards to help protect your kids and keep them happy. It’s sun coverage you don’t need to reapply.

Our collection of protective clothing features UV-blocking capabilities and quick-drying fabrics so your favorite munchkins aren’t left feeling waterlogged all day. We carry a variety of styles for all ages and for any warm-weather activity you can shake a pool noodle at.

Some are rated up to 50+ UPF and resistant to saltwater and chlorine, so they won’t fade as quickly. Plus, features like side-placed zippers and flat-stitched seams prevent scraping and chafing.

Once you pick the right rashguard or sunguard, don’t forget to grab some sunscreen to protect their face, hands and anything not covered up. Complete their summer gear with a kids’ sun hat or a pair of sandals, and see our sun safety tips on how to handle summer like a pro.