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Road maps and atlases

Road maps and atlases to guide the way

When it’s time to set out, make sure you know where you’re headed and what you’ll find when you get there. Road maps and atlases will help you find and stay on the right path in unfamiliar terrain.

Each specialized to different regions of Canada, road maps and atlases offer more than just help with navigating those winding backcountry roads. Written with intention to help you make the most out of your trip, they also help you find less conventional routes of transport. Hiking trails, portage routes and more are highlighted so you can see the options laid out clearly.

For those hoping for scenic spots and destinations with stories attached, check out the points of interest described in these handy travel companions. National and provincial parks along with nature reserves and historic landmarks are presented for easy perusal. Many books even offer detailed descriptions of locations and activities to help you plan your trip. To help you find the pit stops along the way, cities and towns are clearly indicated where they crop up.

As a sturdy, off-the-grid alternative to a digital map option or GPS navigation device, road maps and atlases are ready to be shoved into your car door, your pack or even your back pocket to accompany you every step of the way.