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Accessories for child carriers

Accessories for child carriers to keep your little ones suited up

Once you’ve got your child carrier picked out – and your child is ready to hit the trails with you – there are a couple more options to consider to make sure you’re prepared. Accessories for child carriers help keep the little ones comfortable while they’re up there (which means a little less stress while you do all the hard work).

The primary function of child carrier accessories? Protecting your passenger from the elements. It’s tough work, being carried around, and it only gets tougher under the hot sun or the threat of rain. Sun shades and rain covers go a long way to keep them protected and comfortable for the ride. Don’t forget to check out toddler and child outerwear and toddler and child accessories to make sure they’re outfitted for the journey.

It's not just weather protection you can find. A carrying case for your child carrier saves a lot of hassle between the garage and the trail to keep everything neatly packed away. And if you’re taking your carrier on a longer journey? A case goes a long way to keep it protected and in one piece.