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Ski gloves and mittens

Ski gloves and mittens to keep your hands protected

For those frigid days on the slopes or the trails, a proper pair of ski gloves or mittens is a must. Nobody likes having cold hands, so making sure you don’t need to worry about them will keep you focused on your day outside.

Ski gloves and mittens are great for winter sports, but also serve well for any time you find yourself in the snow. Lighter gloves and mitts will get you through cold weather, but ski gloves and mittens are built to keep the wet out as well as the cold. This makes them great not only for colder days with intense windchill, but also for when you end up getting up close and personal with the snow (intentionally or otherwise).

When you’re picking out your ski gloves or mittens, keep an eye out for features that can make sure you’re getting the perfect fit. Windproof or waterproof options are a must for serious weather, and some glove and mitten systems offer layering with liners and shells. For those who need some serious warmth to keep their fingers happy, try a pair of heated gloves or mittens. And for a nice middle ground, pick up some hand and toe warmers to outfit regular gloves with a bit of extra heat.