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Backcountry accessories

Backcountry accessories

Looks like congratulations are in order, because you’ve made it to the miscellaneous accessories section of backcountry skiing gear. Sort of an Island of Misfit Toys type deal, but specifically for ski equipment. You get it.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of odds and ends to facilitate your most prodigious powder-shredding exploits, from ski straps to storage accessories to smaller utility items and beyond. Stay a while, why don’t you? Who knows — maybe you’ll find something you never even knew you needed.

Take inventory

Preparedness is imperative when you’re venturing out into the wilderness on your trusty backcountry skis, and the backcountry accessories you see here are just one element of a well-rounded wintertime kit.

Our snowsports tips section is chock full of expert advice that’s useful whether you’re packing for or experiencing the great outdoors in chillier conditions. From our ski touring checklist to a guide on waxing your own skis, we’ll set you on the right path.

Stay alert

Once you’re packed up and ready to go, it’s helpful to review some vital safety info for travelling in avalanche country. Make sure you’ve got avalanche safety gear for everyone in your party, and learn how to get certified before you head out with the links found in our avalanche safety gear and training guide.