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Ski touring & backcountry ski bindings

Backcountry ski bindings for days on the trails

Ready to explore the backcountry when the temperature drops? Once you’ve got your backcountry skis and backcountry ski boots picked out and ready to go, the next piece of the puzzle is to pick out a set of backcountry ski bindings to keep your gear where it belongs – attached to your feet.

Where to start

You know you’re looking for backcountry ski bindings – now what? For a detailed breakdown on the different types of bindings you’ll find, check out our article on how to choose ski bindings. Here are a few things you can keep in mind when you’re shopping:

Experience level: Are you a seasoned backcountry skier, or is this your first outing away from the resort? Beginner-friendly bindings can be a little heavier, but they’re easier to use and offer a good balance of downhill and touring efficiency.

Weight: If shaving down every possible gram is important to you, keep an eye on the weight of your bindings. Lighter bindings tend to be more technical and might not include brakes, though you can often buy backcountry ski binding brakes separately.

Terrain: Are you more worried about comfortable touring or a smooth downhill? Different bindings will affect both, so consider what you want to focus on.

Got your bindings picked out? Make sure you’ve got everything you need for your trip with backcountry ski gear.