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What is a splitboard

A splitboard contains 2 ski like halves combined to make a snowboard and a back country ski set. Splitboards feature special bindings that enable seamless transitions between downhill shredding and uphill touring when the board is split into two halves.

Splitboards offer secure binding attachments that allow for responsiveness and confidence while descending on your splitboard. In addition, when you are traveling uphill, splitboard bindings feature climbing aids, touring brackets, and binding rotation allowing for easier maneuverability.

Splitboards differentiate from board to board depending on your ride style they include:

  • Traditional splitboards – Feature a camber or rocker profile and a balanced versatile build.
  • Powder splitboards – Designed with a more pronounced rocker profile to help you ride through deep powder snow and have a more setback stance while riding.
  • Freestyle splitboards - allow for a centered stance and medium flex in the split board allowing you to perform gnarly tricks.
  • All-mountain splitboards - the most versatile splitboard allowing you to ride through various terrains and snow conditions. This all-around board is designed to get you anywhere on the slopes.