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Cross country ski poles

Glide across the snow with cross-country ski poles

Cross-country ski poles help you balance and propel forward on your cross-country skis. Choosing the right poles is important, factors like type of cross-country skiing, material, height and strap design can change how effective your poles are for your go-to type of cross-country skiing. Whether you’re gliding through tracks or off-roading it on your skate skis, consider these factors before choosing your next set of poles:

Skate skiing vs classic cross-country skiing: Skate skiing poles are shorter and have smaller and stiffer baskets, while classic cross-country poles are longer and more flexible.

Choose your material: Poles made of carbon fiber are lightweight and offer max energy transfer, while aluminum poles are slightly heavier but very durable and cost effective.

Consider the height: Poles for skate skiing should be shorter and sit at your shoulders or slightly below, while poles for classic cross-country skiing should sit at your armpit or slightly higher.

Strap features: All cross-country skiing poles come with straps attached so you don’t have to grip the poles as tightly and won’t drop one on the trail as easily. Consider poles with adjustable straps and quick-release mechanisms for safety and comfort.

Now that you’re equipped with knowledge of cross-country ski poles, you can shop confidently from brands like Salomon, Rossignol and Komperdell.