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Ski and snow jackets

Ski and snow jackets to stay warm and mobile

When you’re gearing up to spend your day in the snow, make sure you’ve got a good jacket picked out so you can focus on the snow underfoot and the views ahead of you. Ski and snow jackets are designed to be warm, light and great for layering so you can stay comfortable without restricting your movement.

What to look for in a ski and snow jacket

Picking out your first jacket or looking for a replacement? Here are a few things to consider on which jacket is right for you.

  • Insulation. Are you looking for a shell or an insulated jacket? Both make great layering options, so think about how much activity you’ll be doing and what conditions you’ll be doing it in. Our article on how to layer for outdoor activities is a great starting point.
  • Hood. Do you want a hood in your jacket? They can be a great way to stay warm and keep the wind off your neck, but they might get in the way during fast-paced activities like snowboarding.
  • Length. The length of your jacket will affect how you move and how warm you’ll be. A shorter jacket can be paired with ski and snow pants to keep wind and snow out.

Other features like Recco technology, a variety of pockets and the option to stuff a jacket into its own pocket are all great things to consider while you pick out your new go-to.