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Snowboarding gear

Snowboarding gear to get you started on the slopes

Looking to spend some time in the mountains this winter? Whether you’re looking for the bunny hills or your next summit, getting the right snowboarding gear is your first stop towards making it a ride worth remembering.

Start with the basics: snowboard boots are vital to the sport. Pay attention to the size guides so you can get through your day in comfort – if you’re not sure about how they’ll fit, come into your local MEC to get some guidance. Keep an eye out for snowboard boot liners if you want to add a more customized fit to your boots.

What’s next? Your snowboard, of course. Watch for options that’ll best suit your style and experience level to make sure you get the most out of your ride. For long-term maintenance for your snowboard, check our article on how to wax skis and snowboards, too.

If you’re torn between skiing and snowboarding or you’re eyeing some routes that’ll take you through the backcountry, check out our splitboarding selection. Splitboards combine the best of both worlds for skis and snowboards, giving you the flexibility to tackle a wide variety of terrain on your trip.