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Traction devices

Traction devices for snowsports to keep you moving on your winter hikes

Winter offers some of the most gorgeous hikes and unforgettable experiences, so it’s important to be geared up properly to enjoy them. When the snow isn’t quite deep enough for your snowshoes but there’s enough ice underfoot that your active winter boots won’t quite cut it alone, pick up a pair of traction devices to hike with confidence.

Traction devices offer a quick upgrade to whatever shoes or boots you’re wearing. Pull them on over your footwear and the spikes will help you dig into icy terrain while you walk, making it easier to keep your footing. They’re a lightweight alternative to heavy-duty snowshoes. They also come with a wide variety of options suited for different conditions. Shallow spikes are great for casual walking when a bit of ice is in your way, while deeper ones will take you through more serious winter terrain that demands a good grip. More spikes also equal more traction, so keep that in mind while you shop.

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