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Bring along your little ones in a stroller

If you’re looking for new ways to get your little human out and about with you, strollers from brands like Thule and Burley offer different ways to take them along for the ride. Classic strollers have amenities for all-day comfort like UPF protected canopies, reclining seats and large wheels for stability on uneven terrain.

Mounted seats offer an engaging way to transport your little ones on your bike with ease. Mounted seats adjust easily on the back of your bike and naturally distribute weight for a smooth ride for everyone. Adjustable features make sure your mini me won’t outgrow the seat too fast.

For their own personal cabin that trails behind your bike, kid’s bike trailers offer room for more than a single passenger or lots of toys and snacks to keep your little one busy. Water-resistant materials and UPF protected windows keep your little passenger protected no matter the weather.

Before you pick up your new stroller, be sure to check out the recommended age in the product description and pick up a kid’s bike helmet to keep your little one safe. For added comfort for both you and your passenger, accessories for strollers offer stroller bags for extra warmth and wheel kits to transform your trailer into a maneuverable stroller on the fly.