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Travel accessories

You, caught unprepared? Never

Whether you’re packing a weekender bag for a few days out of town or gearing up for an epic month-long backpacking trip, preparation is key. Taking every gadget or gizmo you could ever find yourself in need of is one thing, but it’s good to measure your utility-to-excess-bulk ratio so you can assemble a packing setup that works in your favour. Once you’ve given our travel packing checklist a once-over, look through our options and find out what you’re missing.

Pack smart, not hard

If you think of all your gear as the butter of your travel setup, packing cubes and travel organizers are the bread. Sandwich your valuables into handy stuff sacks, pods and mesh pouches to save space in your vessel and assign everything its own special place.

Essentials for any getaway

It goes without saying that some things are must-haves on any trip. A water bottle to get your litres in on long travel days, a travel pillow to rest your head in any plane, train or automobile and toiletries for on-the-go freshness. To keep your valuables safe, money belts and wallets as well as locks, tags and flags supply an added layer of security.

Handy extras (because you never know)

Sometimes life takes you by surprise, so it never hurts to bring along a few extras. We’ve got everything from umbrellas and cozy blankets to towels and even snorkelling gear, so you’re ready for fun in all kinds of weather.