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Kayak deck bags

Kayak deck bags to keep your essentials close and safe

Heading out for a long day of touring? When you want quick access to essentials without needing to find a friendly bit of shoreline to get organized, a kayak deck bag is a great option to keep everything within reach.

A deck bag is just what it sounds like: a bag that fastens onto the deck of your kayak so you can keep your essentials right at the tips of your fingers. Snacks, water, your map, your camera and more – load them up for easy access while you paddle. Kayak deck bags keep the worst of the water away from your things, but if you want to be extra certain, pick up some dry bags for added security and protection from the elements.

Looking for more gear to outfit your kayak for anything the water throws at you? Check out our kayak accessories for a good place to start. And as with any time you’re heading out on the water, don’t forget to pack your PFD.