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Car racks and carriers

Car racks and carriers to bring your boat along for the ride

Sometimes the best spots to paddle aren’t that close to home, and car racks and carriers from brands like Level Six, Thule and SportRack make it easy to get there even with your biggest canoe.

All car racks for your watersports gear will need some form of straps and tie downs to secure your kayak or canoe to the roof of your car, but you do have a couple choices in how you hold it up there.

Kayak and canoe racks are usually a J-shaped holder that gently cradles your boat while secured to the top of your car. They sit at an angle to conserve the most space for more gear or if you want to bring along a second kayak.

Foam blocks are another great, more cost-effective option for transporting your boats. There’s a specific foam block for canoes, foam block for kayaks and foam block for paddleboards.

If you need tips and tricks to ensure your boat stays on top of your car, check out our article on transporting a kayak or canoe.