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Flip flops

Flip flops for a casual and comfortable slip-on

Let’s be honest: sometimes, putting on a heel strap is just way too much commitment. When you want a quick slip-on to step outside or just lounge in for the day, nothing beats the convenience of a comfy pair of flip flops.

Flip flops offer the ease of a slip-on and the airy freedom of a sandal. The minimalist design of the classic flip flop strap keeps your shoes on your feet through light activity, making them great for a lazy day at the beach or a quick trip to the mailbox. Around the campsite, they’re a great option when you want a barrier between your feet and the ground without sacrificing too much comfort or needing to worry about fiddly straps or laces. Plus, the ease of slipping flip flops on and off makes them great for those days when your shoes are coming on and off repeatedly. Slip them on when you’re walking on the dock or beach, and kick them off when it’s time to hit the water or even out those tan lines.

For a little more support without sacrificing that breezy feel, check out our sandal selection. And if you’ll be spending time on the water and are looking for something that’ll protect your toes, water shoes are where you’ll want to start.