Victorinox Rucksack Lockblade Knife

Product code 0901-249

Victorinox Rucksack Lockblade Knife

Product code 0901-249


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The full-sized handle makes extended use of the knife blade more comfortable. The locking blade makes for greater safety.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Camping and hiking
  • Travel
Blade material Stainless steel
Handle material Nylon
Blade edge type

Serrated edges are useful for cutting dense material like rope or webbing. They stay sharper longer than straight edges, but can be more difficult to sharpen.

Knife length (closed) 11cm
Blade length 8.5cm
Number of knives 1
Phillips (cross) driver No
Wire stripper Yes
Belt cutter No
Wire cutter None
Fish scaler No
Crimper No
Bit driver(s) No
Lanyard attachment Yes
Ballpoint pen No
Saw Yes
Nail cleaner No
Corkscrew Yes
Sewing awl

This type of awl has a hole for thread in the tip.

Sheath included No
Carabiner clip No
Scissors No
Chisel/scraper No
Ruler No
Hook disgorger

Used to remove a hook that has been swallowed by a fish.


Reamers are used to enlarge or true a hole that has already exists.

Straight pin No
Pliers None
Pocket clip No
Bottle opener Yes
Can opener Yes

A spike used for making holes in tough materials such as wood or leather.

Eyeglasses screwdriver No
Diamond file No
Flathead (slot) screwdriver Yes
Key ring Yes
Multi-purpose hook No
Package opener No
Blade locking system Yes
Toothpick Yes
Metal file No
Tweezers Yes
Nail file No
Made in Switzerland