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Stay sharp

From peeling apples to building fires, knives and other tools are faithful friends to keep with you in the great outdoors. A repair kit and tools are included in the 10 essentials for hiking and camping for a reason — when you’re in a pinch, having the right tool for the job can save a lot of time and effort. (Which, as you probably know, are both good things to conserve in the backcountry).

Tools for the job

So, what kind of tools might you want to keep on you?

  • Pocket knives and fixed blade knives are useful for a multitude of things, including food preparation, shelter building and first aid.
  • Saws, axes and camp shovels will cover your woodcutting and shoveling needs, but you may want to grab a proper toilet shovel if your journey requires some cathole-digging.
  • Multi-tools are a great do-it-all resource to have in the backcountry, equipping you for repairing tents, whittling hunks of wood, opening bottles and everything in-between.

You can never be too prepared

Once you’ve got your knives and tools in hand, it’s time to consider the rest of your kit. Check out our camping checklist next time you’re preparing to sleep under the stars, or run through our meticulously compiled ultimate backpacking checklist to be ready for anything on your next thru-hike.