Redtail Bentshaft Canoe Paddle


Redtail Bentshaft Canoe Paddle

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A superb entry-level bent shaft paddle with Redtail’s Ergo handle for a more relaxed grip. The poplar and black cherry construction makes it lightweight and affordable. The eight-inch wide blade allows powerful strokes.

Bent shaft paddles are most appropriate for paddlers going in a straight line on flat water. Originally designed for racers, they help extend the power phase of your forward stroke. They work particularly well for bow paddlers who are primarily touring; they’re less suitable for stern or solo paddlers, since the bent blade can be awkward for corrective and steering strokes. (For the same reason, even bow paddlers may carry a regular straight shaft paddle as their spare paddle, and switch to it when running moving water.)

  • Resin tip for added durability.

Tech specs

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Ideal for
  • Canoe tripping
  • Cottage and recreational canoeing
Blade material Wood
Shaft material Wood
Blade shape

Blade shapes are designed to apply power efficiently. Short, wide: immediate power. Long, narrow: better leverage in turbulent water. Wing: channels water for maximum power and speed.

Shaft type Bent
Blade dimensions 48 x 20cm (19 x 8in.)
Made in Canada