Nova Craft Trapper Fibreglass/Aluminum Canoe


Nova Craft Trapper Fibreglass/Aluminum Canoe

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Paddling your own canoe is synonymous with independence and self-reliance. The solo Trapper brings you both. It’s inspired by the original Chestnut Trapper, which was made to meet the needs of trappers and coureurs de bois, the original rugged individualists. It’s small and manoeuvrable enough for narrow creeks, with the tracking and stability to get to the middle of the lake, where the big ones are waiting for you to cast a line.

  • Nova Craft uses expert hand laying and woven fibreglass instead of chopped strand. This makes for a void-free hull that’s rugged, affordable and comparatively light for fibreglass.
  • Seats are ash with nylon lacing.
  • Maintenance-free aluminum trim.

Tech specs

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Weight 21.4kg
Ideal for
  • Canoe tripping
  • Cottage and recreational canoeing
Hull material Fibreglass
Trim Aluminum
Length 3.7m (12ft.)
Beam 86cm (34in.)
Centre depth

The depth of the boat at the front of the cockpit, measured from the inside bottom of the boat to the inside top.

33cm (13in.)
Bow height

The bow height is the distance from the bottom of the hull to the top of the gunwale measured at the bow of the boat.

46cm (18in.)
Load 222kg (490lb.)
Made in Canada